Painting holidays Maca - Dubrovnik, Croatia

About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, jewel of the Adriatic, founded in the seventh century is a living museum, protected by almost two kilometers of stone ramparts, with nerow winding streets, high walls, all spread out on the stone rocks and cliffs descending into the embrace of sapphire blue sea. Dubrovnik is the city of harmony, proud of its tradition, its entire cultural and historical heritage, place where people of verious profiles from all over the world gladly meet; diplomats, scientists, artists, tourists.

Dubrovnik is an ideal destination for a vacation all year around because of its mild Mediterranean climate, everage insulation is 2600 hours yearly. Sun shines 7 hours a day on the everige, and cloudy days are rare.

Cultural heritage of Dubrovnik is only comparable to a few, therefore Dubrovnik was as - zero category monument - in 1979 included in UNESCO s world heritage list. Dubrovnik was an independent republick for over seven centuries, very prosperous and rich, famoust for ship building, trade and peace thanks to its very official diplomacy. It was an aritocratic society, very well educated and famoust for its writers and artists. Dubrovnik had the first Europ s Pharmacy (still operating), runing water in 1436, orphanage in 1432, abolished slavery in 1416, so it was leader in many ways.

The town offers plenty of art exhibitions, museaums, galleries. On february 3rd every year you can enjoy the traditional customs of Dubrovnik for the DAY OF SAINT BLAISE (Sveti Vlaho) the protector of the city. February is also the time of Carnival in Dubrovnik, so come and join us masked.

During September every year you can enjoy the famous music festival RACHLIN & FRIENDS.

and there is much more...

The beauty of Dubrovnik and its riviera will provoke the muse within you.